Based on volume of interest, the CSDE/SERC has decided to open the remaining sessions in the 2022-2023 Training Series to new participants.  Please use the Google Form link below to complete the information needed to participate in the Orientation Session scheduled for Thursday, November 17th from 2:30-3:30pm, and to select the Cadre from remaining training dates below, including June Showcase that you are available to attend.  (All sessions will be held virtually from 9-3.).  We look forward to welcoming you to our professional learning community.  

Please direct questions to Heather Dawes, Project Specialist, at SERC

Cadre 1 – December 1 and 2, February 2 and 3, March 23 and 24, June 2
Cadre 2 – December 6 and 7, February 7 and 8, March 28 and 29, June 2
Cadre 3 – December 8 and 9, February 9 and 10, March 30 and 31, June 2

Google Form Link: